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Mark Signorelli


Ready-Ready Batter


Robert Scidmore, former HighRidge Road resident, was completing a certification process to gain access to a video studio. Needing a performance to videotape, he asked Mark to write and perform something that would satisfy that requirement. Having little time to develop a coherent story, Mark wrote the Ready, Ready Batter video based on some music he had previously written and recorded. As the video was shot, he production staff in the studio looked on dumb-founded and speechless, much to the pleasure of both Robert and Mark.


© ® 1981 Mark Signorelli & Robert Scidmore

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© ® 1979 Mark Signorelli

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Mark Signorelli


"What Knowledge" was Mark Signorell’s first attempt at anything musical.

It was recorded in Phil Rainey’s basement using a 4-track open reel tape recorder and a Casiotone toy keyboard.

The vocals were initially recorded by Mark, with his head in a clothes dryer, on a dictaphone machine. The vocals were then replayed from the dictaphone to the 4-track, with Mark all the while varying the speed of the dictaphone playback.


© ® 1979 Mark Signorelli


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