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Counter Parts


Music and Words: Sandy Santra, Peter Roberts & David Poole - Lead Vocal: Mark Signorelli


Originally formed in San Francisco by guitarist Sandy Santra, bassist David Poole, and drummer Rob Roberts, Counter Parts played the San Francisco Bay Area from 1980 to 1982. It was during the summer of 1982 that Mark Signorelli met Sandy at a party and was asked to sit in on one of the band's rehearsals. Shortly thereafter he was asked to join the band. Having just finished recording songs at Hyde Street Studios, the band decided Mark should sing on at least one song, that being “Control now.” Afterward, Counter Parts continued playing around San Francisco until finally disbanding at the end of 1982. This would not be the last time Mark and Sandy worked together.

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© ® 1981 Sandy Santra, Peter Roberts & David Poole





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